Paul Hindemith


Paul Hindemith (1895-1963) was a German born neoclassical composer who wrote numerous works for orchestra, band, opera, chamber, and solo instruments.  His career as a film composer was quite succinct, but in 1928 he wrote the score for Hans Richter’s film Ghosts Before Breakfast.  Unfortunately, this score was lost/destroyed, as the Nazis considered the sound in film “degenerate.”

The concert work we are looking at today is:

Sonata for Four Horns

This piece was written in 1952 for the Salzburg Hornists.  The piece is in three movements, and features a lot of dialogue amongst horns, passing melodic lines around the ensemble.  The final movement is based off of a tune entitled “I Sound My Horn,” which is quite appropriate if you ask me.  Here is a recording of the piece:


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