John Williams

I may say this for several other composers on this blog, but the one who needs the least amount of introduction, in my opinion, is John Williams.


John Williams’ melodies for film permeate modern society, often times more lasting and instantly recognizable than the films themselves.  However, he has composed a wealth of concert works, including many concertos, symphonic works, and chamber works of various orientations.

For the brass ensemble, Williams has written:

Fanfare for Fenway (2012)

Fanfare for Prince Philip (1992)

Winter Games Fanfare (1988)

Fanfare for a Festive Occasion (1980)

and Sound the Bells! (1993), which we will briefly explore.

Sound the Bells! was written as a gift to the Japanese princess Masako and premiered during the Boston Pop’s 1993 Japan tour.  The piece is a single movement fanfare featuring both brass and percussion.  This piece was later rearranged for full orchestra, and served as the opening number for PBS’ broadcast “Evening with the Pops.”  Here is a short clip performed by the Bay Brass on their CD “Sound the Bells!”


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