Michael Kamen


Michael Kamen (1948-2003) was a composer of primarily television and film music. His musical background is unique, although when compared to other film greats, follows similar trends. Kamen was part of a rock band, in which he performed, among other instruments, the oboe. Being well versed in pop music led him to be desirable as an arranger, which down the road led to his own compositional voice being able to be heard. As a comparison, Danny Elfman started off in a rock band, and John Williams started in a jazz combo, of which he was an arranger. His most notable film scores are from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and The Three Musketeers, although music enthusiasts will often also known his work in Mr. Holland’s Opus.


While Kamen’s work was primarily for film, he composed several concert works, including his Quintet for brass. This piece was commissioned by the Canadian Brass, and was written just prior to his passing. Here is a video of the piece, as performed by the Canadian Brass:

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