Malcolm Arnold

Composer Malcolm Arnold

Malcolm Arnold (1921-2006) was a British composer of film and concert works, whose original score to The Bridge on the River Kwai won him an academy award in 1957. In his life he composed over 100 film scores, and many concert works including nine symphonies.

For brass instruments he wrote the following:

Quintet for Brass, Op. 73

Brass Quintet, Op. 132

Little Suite No. 1 for Brass Band, Op. 80

Little Suite No. 2 for Brass Band, Op. 93

Little Suite No. 3 for Brass Band, Op. 131

Fantasy for Brass Band

Symphony for Brass Instruments, Op. 123

His Symphony for Brass Instruments was written in 1987 for the Phillips Jones Brass Ensemble, and consists of four movements, totaling 25 minutes. It was first performed at the Cheltenham Festival in the United Kingdom. Here is a clip of the fourth movement:

Arnold Symphony for Brass – mvmt 4 excerpt

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