Aaron Copland


Aaron Copland (1900-1990) is often associated with codifying the sound of American music. His compositional style featuring open intervals and the incorporation of jazz and folk tunes contributed to the success and popularity of his music. While best known for his concert works including music for solo instruments, symphonies, and ballets, Copland was also an active film composer, scoring films such as Of Mice and Men, The North Star, and The Heiress.

 His music for brass ensemble is perhaps best represented by one of his seminal works, Fanfare for the Common Man. However, less known is his work Ceremonial Fanfare, written some 27 years after Common Man. Upon an initial listening, Copland’s open harmonies remain present, but the overall tonality is considerably more dissonant, perhaps a product of his study into the Second Viennese School (of which he didn’t fully agree with/adopt). Here is a video with a performance by the Cincinnati Pops:

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